The Move: Tangible Freedom

wehavemoved The Move: Tangible FreedomThis site was more an effort to get myself started than anything, and I had some doubts about the domain name and the name in general, so for the next step of my journey, I have decided to move to another domain, another blog. It’s called Tangible Freedom and as such, it allows me a bit more variety on what topics I can write, without feeling like I’m overstepping the boundaries of what the blog was meant for.

If you have anything to say in the memory if this only one month old blog, feel free to speak up in the comments section! I’m actually pretty excited, because I finally found the simplistic, compact, yet versatile theme I was looking for.. and I feel like it fits my new site rather well.

Tangible Freedom

Picture Credit: Akshat singhal

3 Steps To Better Leverage Your Pessimism And Gradually Overcome It

overcomingpessismism 3 Steps To Better Leverage Your Pessimism And Gradually Overcome ItI was a chronic pessimist for years, letting it stop me from attempting pretty much anything cool. But, being a little bit pessimistic doesn’t have to be something that holds you back, it can be something that propels you forward to success. A lot of people preach the importance of optimism, but if you’ve been a pessimist, or “realist” all your life, it’s hard to instantaneously change that. But on your road towards having a brighter outlook on life, there are a few things you can do to benefit from your pessimism. Continue reading

Leave The Excuses And Change The Man In The Mirror

maninthemirror Leave The Excuses And Change The Man In The MirrorRegardless of how you feel about MJ, there is a profound truth to be found in that song. It falls on you to change for the better, it falls on you to change the world the way you see fit. Making excuses is easy, calling names is easy, but the repercussions can be overwhelming. Whereas when trying to change, the results can be hard to spot at first, but as they silently build up, you start to realize that you have changed. And as you change for the better, you start being a positive influence on your friends and family.

Realize That Your Excuses Are Just Excuses
It’s easy to get blinded by the perceived relevance of your excuses. You’ve been out of shape your whole life, so it’s not really your fault. It’s in your genetics, it’s your DNA. Continue reading

My ”Re-Birthday” And The One Year Experiment

ragnartheauthor 169x300 My Re Birthday And The One Year Experiment

Maybe a bit cheesy, I know. But 23 years ago, on this day, September 10th, I was born. It’s a very easy birth date to remember, 100990(091090 in the U.S I think?). And it seems an especially fitting day to start my one year experiment on. My dad actually quit smoking on his own birthday a few years back, and I guess that contributed to this idea.

I realize that I haven’t really posted a picture of myself, except the tiny one in the Gravatar, and I told myself that was because I didn’t have any fitting ones. Maybe I was embarrassed about people finding out for certain that it was my blog, but anyway, I ended up taking this picture today as it seemed fitting. A starting point before the changes took place.

So starting today…

I Will Stop:

stop 300x200 My Re Birthday And The One Year ExperimentLetting Fear Control My Decisions
Fear of rejection, fear of failure, you name it. Sometimes fear of the rejection of my future self, as in my work will not hold up to the standards I set for myself down the road. If I have an idea, and I take the time to actually line it out, and make it come to life.. I will post it, or send it, or mail it, or shout it out from the top of Mount Everest, depending on what the plan was. Continue reading

Preparation: The Not-So-Secret Secret Behind Good Luck

lottery ticket Preparation: The Not So Secret Secret Behind Good Luck“Diligence is the mother of good luck.“ – Benjamin Franklin

Have you ever wondered how to get good luck? Part of the equation, is simply being prepared. You know there is a possibly great outcome, and so you invest a little bit extra. A little more effort, a little more sweat, a little more thought, a little more faith. This goes for contests, but also, for example, when a promotion opens up and you don’t feel qualified. By going that extra mile , you increase your chances of success. You might be thinking “Duh! That’s obvious.” What is not as obvious, is how this applies to your daily life. Being prepared for a good outcome is not always something blatant…

Continue reading

How To Seize The Moment – The Perspective Of Opportunity

nightsakura How To Seize The Moment   The Perspective Of Opportunity

Ever find yourself so unsettled by a negative event, that it completely stalls your progress towards your goals? We all have, but for some of us, me included, even smaller things, like facing unexpected criticism, can result in a complete halt. I’ve decided to tackle that part of me head-on, and this is the method that I chose.

Focus On Being Constructive In The Face Of Opposition

To some people positivity is in their nature, it is engraved into their very bones. But to others Continue reading

Why I Quit My First Job After Two Measly Weeks

escalator Why I Quit My First Job After Two Measly Weeks“How can you quit your first job after 2 weeks, are you dumb?” Is something I expected to hear more of. So far I’ve only been told that they understood my reasons. To put things into some context, I was still technically ‘on trial’ so I could quit without having to work for some time afterward. To avoid that I would either have to quit today or tomorrow, so I ended up leaving today. And perhaps most importantly, the economy in Norway is not doing so badly that I won’t be able to get the same kind of job, if I absolutely have to.

Quitting your first job quickly might seem counter intuitive, Continue reading

The Soundtrack Of Positive Change – How To Get Music Working For You

earphonesmusicdrawing The Soundtrack Of Positive Change   How To Get Music Working For You

In the same way that meeting someone from your past can bring out feelings and behaviors that you thought you had forsaken a long time ago… the music you listen to can actually influence you in a similar manner. Not only the music itself, or it’s lyrics, but also the impact it has on you because of what you associate it with. So choosing the right soundtrack can often make long term change a lot easier.

I can barely function without music… The most effective first step for me to start doing something that needs to be done, is simply putting on my headphones, putting on some good music, and just getting started. But there is good music, and then there is music that helps you get things done. Two different things, although definitely not mutually exclusive. Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing your own soundtrack:

Avoid Nostalgia.

When you’re trying to focus Continue reading

Stopping My Procrastination – Day 5

headache Stopping My Procrastination   Day 5

Well every journey is bound to have it’s ups and downs, and the start hasn’t been great. Although I have seen some increase in overall productivity, I still find myself procrastinating now and then.

I got sick

Nothing major, probably just a cold, but I feel so tired and unmotivated. It’s times like this where you just really have to decide to start doing something productive and let it flow by itself, at it’s own pace, because I don’t have the energy to force focus. Music really helps, just putting it on makes it relaxing and entertaining enough to do things that I might feel like avoiding.

Continue reading

Don’t Make These 3 Life Mistakes

robots Dont Make These 3 Life Mistakes

I have never claimed to be perfect, although I oddly enough have some semi-narcissistic tendencies at times. But the benefit of not being perfect, is that you often know what should not be done.

1. Don’t Overdo Introspection

One dangerous thing about  introspection is that the conclusions you reach can often be influenced by greater feelings of sadness or dissatisfaction. Even if you think you are in a lucid state of mind, and completely neutral, the fact of the matter is that you will usually not be. Your greater mood will have an effect, one way or the other. Continue reading